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in my blog I share articles on organizing and tidying up.

KonMari consulting

Marie Kondo's method

the session/pack for personal tidiness using Marie Kondo's method is designed to explore your connection with your belongings, your values and what you desire for your life. the goal is to tidy your home effectively and to learn a life method. This method will result in a tidy home and having more time and energy for your family, passions or whatever brings joy to your life.

“If you want to fly, you have to give up everything that weighs you down.”

Toni Morrison

business organization

tidying offices

having a functional work space is essential for our personal tidiness and for making our work routine more productive. if you want to work in a tidy space that is free from distractions, so you can achieve your goals and to tasks faster, the office/work space tidying service presents an effective solution.

be it organizing archives, rethinking equipment placement, organizing stock, categorizing parts or just any other tidying task for your office, the tidying service is the solution for you.


learn to tidy up

do you want to learn more or show others Marie Kondo's method?  

are you interested in sharing the tidying method and processes to your collaborators, clients or community? I do regular workshops and am available for private tutoring.

next workshops:

September 22nd - organii bio

October 12th - intercasa 2019

pay attention to the social networks, where I post the dates for the next workshops.

if you wish to talk, do not hesitate to contact me.