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in my blog I share articles on organizing and tidying up.


tidying as the key for


as personal organizer, I will teach you to identify what it is, that you value most in your life and your home space using KonMari™ tidying method.

this method was developed by Marie Kondo, which consists of a simple and effective program that will change both your home and your life.


it is important to understand that tidying up a home is also a personal statement of transformation, change and appreciation of the space we live in, both internally and externally. In this sense, my focus will be to guide and support you, as well as, share my knowledge and tidying techniques so you will be able to tidy up in a simple manner.


I could not even fathom the transformation you would make to my home and life. Oh, how I needed this change! The theory has more effect when we hear it from someone else. And you were absolutely amazing, with how you you did it, without ever judging me and accepting my limitations. More than tidying my home, it was a change in mindset that you did to me.

margarida santos, 2019

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with a lot of love.

Tidy home, organized mind.

Madeira islander, who grew up in Mozambique and lives happily in Lisbon

tidying services using Marie Kondo's tidying method, KonMari.

tips on how to maintain your home and life organized and tidy.

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