by Marie Kondo

due to the consumerist and materialistic society that we have become, there is a growing tendency for searching thhe things that are most important in life: experiences, welfare and quality of life.


KonMari™ is an excellent starting point for a change. it is a tidying method created by the Japanese guru , Marie Kondo. she stands by the notion that we should value the space we live in and the items that make us happy, all through the process of tidying.

Marie Kondo's mission is  "tidy your home, transform your life" ir order for people to have a happier life.

this is a truly profound process of self discovery. it consists in picking up each object we own, feel it in our hands, and ask ourselves if it sitll has a place in our life. Today!


in order to transmit her message and method across the world, Marie Kondo created a certification for KonMari™ consultants around the world.


I participated in the Consultant Certification Course in 2019 and I am proud to share that I am a certified KonMari™ consultant.

for more information on Marie Kondo and her method of personal tidiness , check out her official website.

Madeira islander, who grew up in Mozambique and lives happily in Lisbon

tips on how to maintain your home and life organized and tidy.

tidying services using Marie Kondo's tidying method, KonMari.

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