want to get a weekly dose of tidying?

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in my blog I share articles on organizing and tidying up.

let's tidy up?

during the home tidying sessions, we will apply Marie Kondo's method for valuing your objects and changing your life forever. 

in each session, we will approach a specific category, following this order: clothing, books, papers, komono (several, including kitchen and bathroom) and sentimental objects. We will gather pieces from each category, select what to keep or not to keep, and implement a new tidying system for simplifying your life, to make your even happier!



if you are a new client, we can schedule a free meeting by phone, before buying a session or pack. This introductory session will be ideal for understanding if Marie Kondo's method is right for you and to pose any questions you may have. It can be and online session or it can be done by phone.

if you prefer a face-to-face meeting, I'll gladly do it. we just have to schedule it. However an additional 20€ fee will be charged. this is refundable, upon the granting of a session or pack.

the travel fee is not applied for the following counties: Lisbon, Oeiras and Amadora +info.





refundable upon granting of a session or pack.

you want to start your tidying process but don't know how? This session using Marie Kondo's method, will give the tools you'll need to tidy your home. it will be a complete session dedicated to one of the categories. this is an excellent option for those are available to tidy independently after learning the method.

Remark: The best results are achieved when all categories are concluded straight away. the number of sessions required to completely tidy your home varies, according to the task volume and decision making capabilities.


3 hours session

5 hours session



all fees include VAT and travel fees for Lisbon, Oeiras and Amadora counties. +info.


the ideal pack for those who wish for self investment and for tidying their home once and for all. this will require one or more sessions per category.

the perfect package, if you are prepared and committed to tidying and changing your life forever!

the first session will have room for reviewing your life and ideal home, and also gratitude exercise towards the house.

a month after the complete tidying of your home, you'll get a 3h extra session.

15 hours pack

25 hours pack

 50 hours pack







all fees include VAT and travel fees for Lisbon, Oeiras and Amadora counties +info.

if not now then when?